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Corporate Compliance Process

Individually and as a company we share a commitment to legal, ethical and professional conduct in everything we do.  As team members of Premier Rehab and Healthcare, we support these commitments in our work each day.

Success as a provider of healthcare services depends on us – our personal and professional integrity, our responsibility to act in good faith, and our obligation to do the right things for the right reasons.


The Compliance Process is a structure to teach, support, and monitor these commitments.  It provides principles and standards to guide us in meeting legal, ethical and professional responsibilities.


As team members, we are responsible for supporting the Compliance Process in every aspect of our workplace behavior, and adhering to the Compliance Process as it applies to our jobs.


Our specific communication and reporting process for compliance issues is called the Three-Step Reporting Process.  Use the Three-Step Process whenever you have a question or concern.  You should seek answers until your questions are resolved.  Remember as a team member, you must promptly report actual or potential wrongdoing you observe or suspect.  Your reports may involve possible violations of law, regulations, policies and procedures or the Code of Conduct.

We encourage patient participation in suggesting changes and additions to the menu. Have a favorite recipe? Share it with the Dietary Services Manager to determine if it can be re-created for all patients to enjoy.

Patients are encouraged to dine in our dining room where they can meet friends and make new ones

The Three-Step Reporting Process

All contacts are confidential and you may remain anonymous if you choose or to talk to the Compliance Officer.


From intensive short term rehabilitation therapy to longer-term restorative care, our Nursing and Rehabilitation Center provides a full range of nursing care and social services to treat and support each of our patients and residents.


Stay up-to-date on current events here at Premier Rehab and Healthcare! From fun outings, to weather reports, to general healthcare knowledge, our news page shows you everything you want and need to know.


To us, communication is the key to providing the residents and families we serve with the top-notch care experience they deserve. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team with any and all questions you may have regarding our programs.


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